Oil Fall | Part Three: Waste Crash

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Oil Fall | How Wind and Solar Will Jailbreak the Powergrid | Part Three: Waste Crash

If you’d like to understand better how the introduction of electric vehicles will affect the oil market at the margin, then you should read Oil Fall, a three part series that explains how wind and solar power will jailbreak the powergrid, and find their way into global transportation.

The completed single title version, which bundles up all three sections, is now available and can be purchased here: Oil Fall

Part Three, Waste Crash, completes the story as the world now stands ready to harvest enormous savings as it begins to exit fossil fuel combustion, and its large energy losses.

Oil Fall is a three part series that published over the course of 2018. © All rights reserved by the author and TerraJoule Publishing. Fair use of quotes from Oil Fall are permitted, with citation of Oil Fall as the source, and the author’s name, Gregor Macdonald.

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Oil Fall: Part Three, Waste Crash

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Oil Fall | Part Three: Waste Crash

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